Why Magento Is Favorite of Web App Development Companies

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Why Magento Is Favorite of Web App Development Companies

E-commerce is one of the hottest trends in today’s online market. While running an e-commerce business can be extremely fruitful at times, it may also bring with it a few drawbacks. Since e-commerce businesses are globally accessible, you will be dealing with a large variety of customers. Each customer will come with different requirements, and catering to the needs of every single consumer can be an uphill task. It requires you to deal with strategizing and managing of a number of things. To make things simpler for business owners, web app development companies are making full use of Magento – an e-commerce platform. It is opensource, and any developer can download it and make it unique as per the requirements of a clients.

If you are wondering what makes Magento so popular, here are top 6 advantages of this incredible platform.

Full of Unique Features

Magento is packed with unique features. Features that are hard to find in any other e-commerce platform! With advanced search, wish list, layered navigation, grouped products, and SEO friendliness, Magento occupies the top spot in the world of e-commerce development.

The best e-commerce sites deliver a pleasant user experience, and Magento excels in this job.

Highly Flexible

Magento is highly flexible and offers a great ease of utilization. This makes it very beneficial because businesses of all sizes and complexities can get the best out of it despite limited budgets. For example, the two variations ‘Magento Go’ and ‘Magento Enterprise’ are particularly designed for small and large businesses respectively. Moreover, it’s numerous customizable themes and templates put web developers at ease for turning around the feel and look of an online store.

SEO Friendly

SEO friendliness is another feature of Magento which improves your web’s search engine rankings solving the related issues. This helps pages gain more traffic and a wider online exposure to boost sales.

Google Services

The best part about Magento that tempts most web application development companies is its collaboration with the tech giant Google. Magento supports various services of Google such as Google Analytics, Google Base, and others, making it a great tool to track traffic, upload content and process orders placed on the website. As a result, it becomes easier for businesses to come up with better strategies and entice the target audience.

Developers’ Favorite

With rapidly evolving web development market, websites also require frequent changes. Magento makes making those changes very simple.  With Magento, developers can easily update content, add new pages to the website, and interlink web pages to save a significant amount of time.

Shopping Cart Development

This feature makes the purchasing process a whole lot of easier with a step by step buying guide for users. Moreover, its extensive range of payment gateways allows owners to choose the most compatible one for their business and customers, making it the most user-friendly e-platform.

In short, when it comes to e-commerce tools, Magento is hands down the best out there!