Must Have Features for Mobile Business Apps

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Must Have Features for Mobile Business Apps
By Admin
November 26, 2020

Must Have Features for Mobile Business Apps

A mobile app can be a vital marketing tool for your business. All the top companies you see today pay special care to this aspect to bolster their sales. As a business owner, if you can use your app the right way, it will surely bolster your online presence. It goes without saying that mobile application development is a complex task. But it’s worth your time and investment for the wide array of benefits it brings to your business.

Therefore, there are a couple of attributes that a business app must have in order to produce desired returns.

Should Be Mobile Native

While it’s obvious, we would like to remind you to take a simple start and make your app mobile native for enhanced functionality and adaptability. This is because hybrid apps do not provide full control of mobile features.

Though you will see many experts offering to seamlessly convert web applications into effective mobile apps, this is really not the best approach if you want to stand out from the rest.

With ever-evolving mobile phone technology, it’s critical for your app to be completely mobile native to bring in genuine visitors.

Location Based Services

As a business owner, you would want users to engage with your business without any boundaries. Therefore, location-based services are a must to promote right offers to the right audience.

To achieve this effectively, tell your mobile application development company to switch from GPS to Geofencing.

Though GPS is a great store locator with valuable check-in functions, Geofencing can give extra functionality, for example, auto-starting the app when the client is in close proximity.

Mobile Payments

Mobile ordering and payments should also be on your priority list since clients are rapidly moving toward those options, making this feature a must-have for business apps.

When mobile payments and orders combine with faithfulness, the outcome is a compelling app with speed, ease, and value to the user.

Digital gift cards can be a great way too to attract visitors as they are far more convenient than carrying physical cards.

Engaging User Experience

Engaging user experience draws in more clients. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to think of an entertainment strategy and tailor it to your target audience.

Plus, the games, random trivia, selfies, and social links that are added for entertainment can also create positive brand image, user engagement, and content for effective marketing campaigns, helping your business to grow.

Conversational Features

People these days are immersed in social media usage, particularly the chatting apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Therefore, you should also consider adding this feature to your app to establish two-way communication with other businesses or customers.

This simple and addictive feature is necessary for a business app to be fruitful. Whether you are looking to connect with an associate or close out a business deal through a cell phone, the ability to take part in rich, effective communication is essential to make users addicted to your application.

Moreover, an enterprise app with chat feature protects the user data, which is not possible in third-party applications.

Create a Video

Traditional marketing tools are great for brand promotions. But for app promotions, something extra is required – like a video ad.

A video ad is an ideal way to promote features of your app and what it really does. It doesn’t have to be too long. Just a simple 30 second YouTube video ad will be enough to draw people’s attention.

Analytics and In-app Surveys

Analytics are important for any business, particularly mobile app development companies. Tracking progress and making suitable adjustments can help guarantee the success of a mobile app.

However, applications that go one step further to implement in-app surveys can make even more benefits.

By implementing in-app surveys, you can use your application to gather continuous client feedback in a single place without hiring an expensive human resource.