About Us

We at NextScrum aims at providing state of the art products to our customers.

We at NextScrum aims at providing state of the art products to our customers.


About Nextscrum

Our team is comprised of software engineers and business experts with a market-driven strategy. We build great software; plain and simple.

Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology to provide scalable, reliable software solutions, and to forge long-term relationships with every client that steps into our orbit.

We take pride in that fact that we were founded by entrepreneurs and developers. We get it. We’ve been there. We know what bringing a scribble on a napkin to a multi-million dollar business feels like. We can help you achieve your own version of success.


Who We Are

We are the new technology arm of your startup or enterprise. Based in Tampa Florida, NextScrum is the dream-team of highly qualified software experts, mixed-in with entrepreneurs, SEO and marketing experts, to name a few.

  • Mobile and Web Development Engineers
  • Mobile and Web Support Specialists
  • Quality Assurance and UX Specialists
  • PMs, and Project Owners (dedicate human assets)
  • Business Analysts
  • SEO Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Brand Development & Marketing Experts


What We Do

Simply put, we are the best technology partners any startup or business could ask for, because we do all of the below

Web Applications

We can easily design and build simple websites to help you market your personal brand, connect with your customers and/or sell a product or service.

  • Do you own your name? If you buy “yourname.com,” we can make this a compelling addition to your resume.
  • Want to build a website to sell a product or service online? Easy- we can keep it to a simple browse, click and buy, or more complex using real time, cloud-based CRM systems and CMS.
  • WordPress? Yes, like the back of our hand. We got you covered if you need PHP, HTML, CSS and multiple forms of JS.

Mobile Apps

We’ve built a dozen this year. The thing most don’t know is you have many routes you can take for a mobile app. Let’s discuss your vision/scale, and we can find something that fits your needs (and budget).

  • We can build hybrid mobile apps on IONIC, PhoneGap and Cordova frameworks
  • Going for the gold? Cool- we can put together native iOS development, swift and objective C, as well as native android app development

Looking For Mobile or Web App?

If you have a startup and need a web or mobile application, shoot us a message and we can begin the process of bringing your idea to fruition