Web App Development in HTML5 Mistakes to Avoid

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Web App Development in HTML5 Mistakes to Avoid

Modern web development tools such as WordPress and other CMS apps have made running a website a piece of cake. However, finding the desired theme when it comes to building customized websites can be tricky at times. As a result, web app development companies have to opt for other alternatives to get the job done. HTML5, for example, is one of the tools that solve this issue effectively. It is a simple coding language and doesn’t require you to be a trained programmer. HTML5 enables you to build pleasant looking, interactive websites with high functionality.

Though HTML5 sounds very easy to code, there are a few things one must know in order to play around with it. If you are new to this simple coding tool, we recommend you to read this article.

It will help you learn about the most common mistakes the occur while developing an HTML5 website.

Leaving Tags Open

This is the most commonly made mistake in HTML. The developers often forget to close the tags, leading to many bugs and errors. For example, if the <head> tag is not closed before the <body> tag comes in, the browser will assume the entire code as one and produce disrupted results. There can be many examples of open tags resulting in unwanted outputs, but instead of going deep into the subject, you should simply remember to close every single tag that needs closing.

Worrying Over Text Editors

While coding HTML, choosing a text editor should be the least worrying part. You don’t have to be picky with text editors since any decent one will perfectly do the job for you. Even the simple Notepad is used by numerous web application development companies and individual developers around the globe.

You just need to write the code and save files with correct extension. To make things a bit easier, you can also use Notepad++. This is an advanced version of classic Notepad and offers syntax highlighting to facilitate the coding experience. However, if you are fine with working without aesthetics, then both will do equally well.

Comments Are A Must

Adding comments next to every function may seem exhausting, but when you are working in a team, it can be a nightmare for other developers to understand without the comments what a particular line of code, function, or <div> element does. Similarly, it makes error detection quick and simple. Otherwise, you may have to sit through hours trying to spot the problem out of thousands of lines of code.

Names are Important

Naming variables, functions and classes in a way that it depicts functionality is a great way to create understanding of the code. This approach is as helpful as the comments to understand the code. For instance, if a function divides two numbers but you name it as addition, this is going to create a massive confusion to edit or upgrade the code. Particularly if you work for a web development company as they constantly need to make upgrades to the code. On the other hand, using appropriate names for each part of the code will make it much easier for other developers to make changes.

So, that’s pretty much it. To summarize, HTML is a very simple tool to use. If you are familiar with its basic techniques and can avoid the aforementioned mistakes, building applications should be a piece of cake for you. Good luck!