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By Admin
November 26, 2020


A good web development company ensures the smooth functioning and high ranking of a website in Google and other major search engines.

But what makes a good web company still remains to be a mystery to many. As a result, lots of IT startups live a very short life.

Remember that a good company can always be distinguished based on its customer service and the functionality it adds to its clients’ websites. If you want your web development company to shine, it must possess the following skillset.

Master of Both Frontend & Backend Development

It’s a must to offer both frontend and backend development services. Clients do not prefer a firm that only does frontend or backend development. That’s like going for a plumber who only fits pipes and leaves the rest (toilet, shower, sink fitting) to someone else.

Granted, there is a parting between web developers and designers as both involve two completely different thought processes from each other, but creating a partition between frontend and backend development is plain wrong. A good web developer must always be fully familiar with the development cycle from start to finish.

Strong Command on Multiple Backend Techs

There are different backend tools for different client-needs – PHP, Ruby, and ASP.Net being the most prominent ones. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks; therefore, a good web development provider should have a strong command on all of these to appropriately tackle their clients’ needs.

The key reason behind this is to be able to pick and work the right tool for desired functionality. This enables developers to become familiar with each technology and formulate a bunch of best practices that can be used across multiple platforms.

Must Apply the Finest Practices

Another one of the key aspects that determines the quality of a web development service provider is the practices it follows. Technologies come and go at a rapid rate in the modern IT industry and the practices that are applied through various tools keep on evolving. A good company with a solid base will keep up with the latest trends and move with the times and best practices fairly easily.

Some of the best practices that are a must follow for an IT provider include:

  • Use of MVC framework
  • Semantic HTML code
  • Automated testing of the entire code

Ability to Come Up with Right Marketing Strategies for The Project

Loads of clients complain that their web application development company doesn’t offer the right marketing strategies. Typically, this is because web developers don’t think of it as part of their domain. But they should. How can a web development service provider advise clients on producing the right solution, if it isn’t looking at the bigger picture? A company that doesn’t follow client’s requirement isn’t very likely to deliver a successful product.

The best thing a developer can do is to take time to fully understand client’s requirements and advise accordingly.

Flexible Enough to Cope with Changes

We often see developers complaining about how clients keep changing their requirements midway through the project. Well, it happens to every IT professionals and is never going to change. What developers should do is stop complaining and come up with a flexible way to cope with the change. If you are a client, ask your developer that how they’ll handle the change request.

The best approach to deal with the issue is working in short cycles of 1-2 weeks. The worst thing you can encounter as a developer is to start the work and after a couple of months when you’ve finished it, have the client showing up and say “I want this changed!”. This can be easily avoided by working in short cycles.


Without following the above-mentioned traits, your company simply won’t be able to get the best web development company status. The top companies can do all these things (along with many more) and help their clients get the results they need to thrive in the market.