CakePHP | The Coolest Web Development Framework

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CakePHP | The Coolest Web Development Framework
By Admin
November 26, 2020

CakePHP | The Coolest Web Development Framework

CakePHP is a comprehensive PHP framework which comprises a perfect collection of elements. One of the key reasons for its widespread fame is its ability to write reusable code. It eliminates the need for creating new batches of code from scratch, thus saving a great deal of effort and time during the web development process.

CakePHP is being used on a large scale by big corporations as well as renowned websites. It came out in 2005 and over the years, has successfully managed to surpassed heavyweight like CodeIgniter, Zend, Symphony, etc.

It offers a reliable templating solution and comes with the following list of key benefits.

Its Open Source

The first and foremost benefit of CakePHP is that it is opensource, meaning anyone can access it. It involves no license fee and comes without requiring a single penny investment to perform web development tasks.

As clear from the name that it is PHP powered framework, the freedom here for creating amazing websites is unparalleled.

Object Relational Management

Object Relational Mapping or ORM is a method of altering data between incompatible systems using some object-oriented language.

Since CakePHP also uses OOP techniques and has an outstanding inbuilt ORM, it is ideal for this job. Therefore, playing around with databases and performing CRUD operations in this framework is as easy as ABC.

Also, CakePHP represents data in the form of different classes, those classes are then used to define relations, making it a perfect platform to perform ORM operations.

Offers Great Security

Security is one of the major problems in the web application development world. Under any circumstances, a secure framework earns more points than any other framework out there. Its security feature makes the user submission process safer and quicker. Moreover, CakePHP incorporates built-in security and authentication which makes your application more secure.

Its numerous built-in tools for CSRF protection, form tampering protection, etc. make it one of the highly secured frameworks to develop web applications.

Ability to Create Tests

The beauty of CakePHP is that it can test all the fragile aspects of your app. It can perform core tests and also offers the option of customizable tests.

You can shape those tests as per your requirements.

This feature is very handy when it comes to testing large applications as their performance needs checking at each step.

In addition to testing, the ease of debugging is another feature that makes it the eye-candy of the majority of web app development community.

Moreover, its applications offer instant error identification and provide a quick solution to the errors.

MVC Pattern Based

Since CakePHP is MVC based, it makes saving queries to the database easy and simple. Also, it allows developers to make changes to the database, and insert, delete or change the model as per their requirements.

Doing so separates data into two layers; presentation layer and business layer. This separation of layers enables developers to collaborate with the database and save it in a way that it’s presentable to the end-user.