What Makes CodeIgniter So Effective for Web Development?

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

What Makes CodeIgniter So Effective for Web Development?

What Makes CodeIgniter So Effective for Web Development

CodeIgniter is a renowned PHP based framework in the world of web development. PHP is the go-to language to build websites because of the simplicity of its code. This makes CodeIgniter a dependable platform for creating scalable, robust web applications.

Moreover, the structure of CodeIgniter enables web developers to build applications in an agile manner. It further helps implement coding techniques which ensure the safety of the entire project. Another one of its unique features is that it facilitates RAD (rapid application development) process which significantly reduces the amount of time and effort to finish a project.


CodeIgniter is an open-source platform that simplifies the use of PHP for creating modern web applications. Below are some of the primary reasons which make CodeIgniter a preferred choice for web development services providers.

MVC Architecture

CodeIgniter is Model-View-Controller based framework – a web design architecture that is used to take leverage of an entire web app development process. MVC divides an app into three linked sections which enable the developers to perform customizations and upgradations with ease. Here’s a brief look at the structure breakdown.

  • Model – The lowest level of structure and does the job of maintaining data.
  • View – This level enables users to see the data.
  • Controller – The topmost level which ensures that both the above-mentioned levels are linked.

Simple Installation

In comparison with other web development frameworks, CodeIgniter is very simple to install. In addition, it helps upload files to the directory in a simple manner so that developer(s) can begin working on the project without any impediment. Moreover, it assists you in making desired changes and keeps the possible issues at bay.

Form Validations

Form validation is a crucial aspect of web application. Every top web development company gives special care to this feature to attain a high-end application which contains reliable data in an appropriate format. With CodeIgniter, the form validation task becomes simple as ABC because it allows custom validation using PHP.

Inbuilt Security Tools

Eliminating slashes during data recovery from the database is a very common practice in web development process. However, it comprises many security issues which need sorting out before the successful recovery – CodeIgniter solves those issues perfectly. It includes inbuilt security tools using which the database issues can be resolved. All you need to do is go to the default settings and disable the runtime directives that boot up while inserting a query. The wide availability of these security tools makes CodeIgniter a perfect platform for developers to build web applications in a secure environment.

Error Handling

Error handling is another cool feature that gives CodeIgniter an edge over other web development frameworks. It gives developers the access to error reports so that they can resolve errors while working on custom web application development. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it offers support in saving debugged messages as text files by sending instructions to the error-logging class. This ultimately makes the application error-free before its delivery to the owner.