What Are The Top Web Development Trends In 2018?

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

What Are The Top Web Development Trends In 2018?

Every year, the web development technology undergoes several upgrades. Various frameworks, coding languages and other aspects of web are also experiencing a constant evolution. Keeping up with all the latest innovation can prove to be a tough ask at times.

For example, as a business owner, you might want to know how’s WordPress doing, as well as be curious about other tools on the horizon. To get the best out of the latest innovations, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the way users behave while browsing the web. What trends are the most searched for, and what types of designs keep visitors engaged on the web.

Below, we will discuss top 3 web development trends in 2018. So, let’s get started!

One-Page Websites

Typically, two types of websites exist: one page and multiple pages. The general concept of a website comprises multiple pages, with each topic having its own page. However, the latest technological revolutions have changed the trend completely. People nowadays prefer to look at what’s in front of them, rather than going through the trouble of reading large texts.

Moreover, with mobile devices taking over desktops, the majority of modern audience prefers smartphones to surf the web. Therefore, every top web development company is now focusing on creating designs that offer ease of scrolling and minimum content.

The result of this approach is one-page websites. These websites comprise concise, scrollable sections and offer pretty much the same layout as a landing page. The main content on a one-page website includes Call To Action (CTA) which is typically at the top, contact information at the bottom of the page, and products & service offerings arranged in between.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile responsiveness is nothing new and has been part of the design concepts for years. However, the focus, up until now has been primarily on making desktop-centric websites responsive on cell phone devices.

But the fact that the majority of users is now using smaller screens to access websites, web development services are looking to produce mobile-centric websites, with desktops becoming a secondary choice.

To take leverage of this trend, you must be able to understand the concepts of one-page design along with progressive web apps, and apply them to future projects. Being a developer, you must also learn as much as you can about the techniques used in creating responsiveness. This will help you build something ideal for smaller screens.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the latest cool and almost every modern website integrates this feature into its design. Essentially, websites use them to notify users about new deals, offers, or the content.

Push notifications are a great tool to bolster traffic without doing a lot of marketing, particularly on mobile devices.

There are many dedicated services such as PushCrew and WordPress plugins like OneSignal, providing user-friendly solutions for the websites. If your website is lacking this feature, its high time you got one of the above-mentioned plugins to give it the exposure it needs.