What Are The Pros And Cons Of Frontend Web Development

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Frontend Web Development

Frontend is the most buzzed segment of the entire web development industry. Every web or mobile application with an unforgettable view is due to the magical touch of frontend developer(s).

It is also the integral part of desktop/mobile applications and comprises two segments – design and the frontend development.

These two terms are often confused but are far from similar. In design segment, the web layouts are created using Photoshop, while the frontend segment is more about making the design work through coding.

Frontend developers are typically creative thinkers. They strive hard to combine creativity with modern tools and frameworks to craft soothing visual designs.

The Primary Uses of Frontend Development:

  • Creates interactive tools
  • Builds responsive websites
  • Develops consistent products for traffic gains
  • Upgrades the look and feel of websites/mobile apps
  • UI & UX



We have already seen how important quality frontend can be for a smooth and perfectly working business app. So, without any further delay, we will discuss here the biggest advantages of frontend development to convince you of its importance.

Quick Development

The first advantage of this segment is that it is faster to accomplish – thanks to modern frameworks and technological innovations. The quick development makes the entire journey towards the final product shorter.

For example, if you are working on an app for which the back end is ready but the frontend needs to be completed on a short notice, then it can be easily done within a few days due to its quick nature of development.

Secure Environment

Another advantage of frontend development is that all of its frameworks provide secure coding environment. This feature is beyond amazing because it keeps your entire set of code as well as the website completely secure on any browser.

Fast Response

The latest tech and frameworks which developers use empower them to craft quick responding features to make the application react, respond and work fast and smooth.

Easy to Learn

The tools and techniques used for frontend development are extremely easy to learn, use and understand. For example, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop are the main frontend development technologies. More than 90% of the design and coding is done using these tools so if you can learn them, you will be good enough to make a career out of this field. And the best part is that learning them is a piece of cake! All you have to do is to look up a few online tutorials and you are good to go.

Powerful Features

The success of a website depends on robustness of its features. If there’s even a touch of shabbiness in features, it will most likely fail. But with powerful frameworks being used, this is no longer a problem as they provide a robust and scalable environment for web application development.

Downsides of Frontend Development

Yes, there are few downsides of this approach as well. Let’s see what are those.

Immature Tech

In comparison to backend giants like PHP and Java, frontend technologies are relatively new. JavaScript – the main frontend component – was introduced not so long ago. Meaning that the tech is still immature and a very small size of related knowledge is available, creating a division in the web app development community.

Code Inflation

Customization – big or small – is an essential part of every website. To add customization, you will be reliant on certain frameworks which, apart from making it quick, inflate the code base. This is against the traditional Don’t Repeat Yourself rule and is one of the bigger drawbacks of frontend web development.

New Versions

Normally, the release of new versions excites the developers. But this is not the case for frontend developers. The fresh updates in a frontend framework are rather taken as a disappointment than anything else. This is because the new versions bring with them the possibilities of messing things up. On the other hand, if you are unable to switch to the newer version, you will lack behind from modern standards.

So, this whole thing is quite tricky to be fair.


Despite a few disadvantages, it’s fair to suggest that frontend development has become a vital part of modern web requirements. The businesses today cannot afford to neglect or else they will lose competitive edge over their market rivals. So, if your website lacks a quality frontend, its high time you got in touch with a top web development company to do the job and help your business shine.