Web App Development | What Makes A Good CMS?

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Web App Development | What Makes A Good CMS?
By Admin
November 26, 2020

Web App Development | What Makes A Good CMS?

Whether you’re looking to give your business a brand-new website or upgrade the current one, a good CMS platform is a must. Remember that an effective website is the best marketing tool for your business. And the only way to efficiency is an all-around CMS. One that is cost efficient, time efficient and offers a wide array of features without hidden fees. However, finding one on your own can turn out to be an uphill task at times. So, to make things simpler, we have composed a list of CMS must-haves to meet your web app development needs.

Make sure you give them a solid read.

Should be Easy to Use

The first and foremost feature for a CMS.

The reason it is so important is because every website needs regular upgrading.  Several new tech updates come out every other day, and a CMS must be built in a way that all the user groups – including admins and visitors – can use it with ease.

A CMS which lacks this particular feature could be damaging to your budget.


Because you will have to pay your web app development company a fee every time you want to make upgrades to the site.

On the other hand, an easy to use CMS enables you to deal with such tasks on your own, saving a great deal of time and cost in the process.

Great Support Network

Bear in mind that no matter what CMS you are using, problems are bound to occur. No CMS ever comes without issues.

While you should be prepared to face random issues, you’ll also need a great support network that responds back and fixes the problems as quickly as possible.

Though your web services provider could also help you deal with the issues, you can’t rely on them too much for two reasons:

  1. Their response may not be as quick as you would have liked
  2. They could charge higher fees

Therefore, having a great support network (large client base, blogs, forums, etc.) is a must for a CMS to be recognized as one of the best.

Must be SEO Friendly

The MOST important feature of a CMS!

Search Engine Optimization which – commonly known as – SEO is a combination of different strategies to direct visitors to your website. It does so by making your business website appear in Google.

Why particularly Google? Because more than 90% of the online consumers use Google to land on sites.

That’s an astounding amount of traffic you will miss out on if your CMS lacks SEO friendliness.

So, for your website to rank higher, its necessary that your CMS offers a great SEO friendliness.

So, Is There A CMS Which Carries All These Features?

Yes. There is. It’s called WordPress.

WordPress has everything to make it a great CMS. Almost all the web application companies – big and small – rely on WordPress to provide CMS solutions.

The best thing about WP is that it is free and has millions of users.

Though big organizations may find this irrelevant, small businesses with limited budget can make find great use of it.

Our suggestion for you would be to go with WordPress to make your business shine.