Web App Development | The Key Benefits of Cloud Storage

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Web App Development | The Key Benefits of Cloud Storage
By Admin
November 26, 2020

Web App Development | The Key Benefits of Cloud Storage

So, your website has been delivered to you by your web app development provider and now you are looking to post on it the relevant information. You are absolutely right because this is exactly what business owners do once their website is finished. However, before doing so, we will suggest taking care of one crucial step that is data protection.

There are several strategies of data protection and website backup for online security.

Obviously, the simplest way is to duplicate your information on a USB or some other storage hardware. But there is always a risk of losing or damaging that. Therefore, this doesn’t seem to be a very bright tactic.

But don’t worry, there are numerous other ways of protecting your data – the most common one being cloud storage.

Cloud storage is an online backup solution which offers many benefits.

Here we will help you discover the primary ones:

Convenience & Accessibility

The arrival of online backup solutions such as cloud storage has completely revolutionized the traditional concept of data storage. Their ability to create automatic backups saves you the trouble of making manual backups on transportable devices, keeping you free from physical handling.

This is indeed good news because it saves a lot of time and effort. Besides, it eliminates the necessity of you being in a particular location to access data. That’s true. Cloud backups give you a remote access, meaning that you can access them anytime and anywhere just by using a decent internet connection.

Cheap on Pocket

Another key benefit of cloud storage is that it is cost-effective in comparison to its physical “counterparts”.

Don’t understand how?

Let us explain.

Physical storage options require you to buy stuff like servers, hardware devices, and hire a top web development company for backup maintenance and troubleshooting. On the other hand, online solutions do that automatically, making them a cheap yet quality option.

Easy Recovery

Have you ever accidentally deleted data from your USB or hard drive and then failed to recover it because there’s no recovery option in there?

Let’s be honest. We have all been there. Losing data due to a silly mistake and later regretting it.

But with cloud storage, this is not a problem anymore. Even if you accidentally or intentionally lose data, there will be the option to recover it.

The cloud storage structure comprises multi-level redundancy, meaning that several copies of your data are stored in different locations. So, in case some of the data get deleted, it can be easily tracked and made available again.

Remember that there is a variety of cloud solutions with different specifications. In order to choose the right one, first, you must know in detail the requirements of your business. Otherwise, your workflow will end up getting interrupted.


The coolest cloud storage feature. Since your data is going to be backed up in a Cloud, you will no longer need to worry about tech failure, lost device, hacking or other safety issues.

Cloud computing utilizes encrypted servers to store your information and reduces the number of threats/risks posed to your data.

So, even if your primary storage device gets stolen or damaged, the Cloud will always have it stored.

Protection from Malware

There are various types of malware waiting to harm your website.

Malicious software, ransomware, and malware are all particularly designed by hackers to steal sensitive information for personal benefits.

But the good news is that Cloud storage entirely eliminates this threat. The data stored on cloud servers is immune to hacking/malware threats and enjoys great security.

Protection Against Natural Disasters

You know what’s scarier than malware attacks? Natural disasters resulting in sudden hardware crashes.

Yes. A major storm, power failure, or some other natural disaster can cause your hard drive to crash, taking away all your sensitive data with it.

According to a survey conducted by StorageCraft, around 99% of the 400 participants had experienced at least one hardware failure.

On the other hand, the online nature of cloud computing means no natural disaster has any sort of effect on it – making it the securest form of storage.

So, to summarize, several things can go wrong in the beautiful world of web development. Such as hacking attacks and hardware failures. The best way to secure your website is backing it up on Cloud. Good luck!