Useful but Hidden WordPress Features for Web Development

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Useful but Hidden WordPress Features for Web Development
By Admin
November 26, 2020

Useful but Hidden WordPress Features for Web Development

Having an online presence is essential for your business to excel in this modern age. And for that, you will need a website. However, learning how to develop a website, or hiring a web development firm can be tedious and expensive.

So, the best solution is to go with an advanced CMS like WordPress.

Not only does it help you build a dream website without any prior coding knowledge, but it is also incredibly quick and lets you build a complete website in a matter of hours!

Besides, new features are added to WordPress on a regular basis which keeps increasing its usefulness. However, not many users bother to learn all about what WordPress has to offer. As a result, many of those features remain hidden. So, for this read, we are going to shed light on some of the cool WordPress features that you didn’t know existed.

Numerous Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you get used to keyboard shortcuts, there’s no going back. Anyone that uses keyboard shortcuts knows how much faster and simpler it is to perform web app development tasks with them.

So, if you have been wondering whether or not keyboard shortcuts are available in WordPress, then you are in luck because they are!

Here are some examples:

* or – for unordered lists.

  1. or 1) for ordered lists.

# for h1 (heading 1), ## for h2, and so on.

> for blockquote

And more! These shortcuts help you perform text formatting, copy-pasting, switching between different screen modes, etc.

Splitting Content into Pages

We use headings to highlight a particular topic and allocate readers attention to it. However, not all readers like to explore every single portion of the content. Some are aggressive skimmers and want to jump off straight to the point.

This WordPress feature of splitting posts into multiple pages helps you accomplish that. It allows you to make separate pages of every single topic, making it easier for readers to go through your post.

To implement this technique, all you need to do is type <!–next page–> at the end of the portion you want to split in the text editor.

Ease of Changing Image Size

You may have noticed that after uploading an image, WordPress offers four different size options – medium, large, full size, and thumbnail. But how does WordPress determine the actual size of an image?

Well, WordPress has some predefined sizes, which you can customize to your likings. To make the changes, you have to go to Settings > Media.

There, you will find the required options.

Plethora of Dashboard Widgets

The Dashboard is basically the page where you first land after signing in.

The best thing about WordPress Dashboard is that you can customize it for a quick access to desired widgets – similar to your phone’s home screen.

The WordPress Dashboard bolsters numerous gadgets which you can organize through a basic drag & drop. Also, if you want to hide undesirable gadgets, then simply go to Screen Options, a feature with many abilities and hidden functions helpful in WordPress web development.