Signs That Your Website Needs A Redesign

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Signs That Your Website Needs A Redesign

Did you know, the design of your website needs regular updates? If your business is reliant on online lead generation, then the only way to accomplish your goals is through a website. However, just having a website is simply not enough. It needs to be well maintained and beautifully designed to produce desired results. So, if you haven’t redesigned your website for a while, it’s time to start thinking about hiring a top web development company to do it for you.

Remember that your website is the true reflection of your business. So, keeping it truly maintained should be on top of your priority list.

A good website, at the very least, should be easy to find, simple to navigate and good to the eyes. If its lacking in any of these aspects, an overhaul is definitely required.

Not sure when’s the right time to for website redesign? Take a look at the following.

Outdated Design

A visually unappealing website is pretty much a deal breaker. The truth of the matter is that visitors don’t like to spend much of their time on websites aren’t good to the eye. If your website was created a decade ago and is still carrying the same design, it’s time to give it a new design.

This is because outdated designs show a lack of understanding with current trends from the owner. More importantly, it gives users the idea that you don’t care.

The result of this is lost potential customers as your website gives them no idea what the company is all about.

To avoid such a situation, the design and functionality of your website should be updated on regular basis.

Heavy Textual Content

Text heavy sites aren’t cool anymore. The concept has gone out of style and serves no good purpose.

Remember that modern tech is all about visual designs. Web application development companies, nowadays, only focus on creating websites with more visual content and less textual content.

Text heavy sites are not only unappealing to the eyes but overwhelming as well. Remember that the modern users are skimmers. If the message you are trying to convey takes more than a couple of lines, it is most likely that they will leave it unread.

Difficult Navigation

Ease of navigation is another feature that can make or break a business website.

The navigation is all about letting visitors access certain areas of your website with ease. For example, pages like About Us (tells what your company does), Products or Services (what your company offers) and Contact Us to respond to client’s queries, must always be easy to find. A website which doesn’t offer an easy access to these important pages could mean that it seriously requires an update.

A good web design enables visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. Because let’s admit, they come for a reason. So, if they are unable to find the desired information, not only will they bounce back from your site, but chances are they’ll end up on a competitor’s updated website.

Additionally, a website with difficult navigation may not be too friendly to Google crawlers, which will directly leave a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Some Words on Google Crawlers

As the name suggests, Google crawlers crawl on different pages of indexed websites. Then they take the information from a certain page and analyze its design to determine the purpose of the overall website.

The web pages that are easier to find and navigate help your website to show up higher in relevant search queries and produce desired results.

So, the aforementioned are the symptoms of a poor web design. Some other sings that may indicate that your website needs redesigning include:

  • Low search engine rankings due to which you’ll observe a slump in your web traffic
  • Difficult and tedious content updating
  • Increased bounce rate
  • Low conversion rate
  • Takes forever to load
  • Lacks mobile responsiveness

If your website is showing any of the above symptoms, its time to take it for the treatment to a top web development company and get it redesigned. You’ll see a major turn around in no time.