Requirement Analysis and Wireframing

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Requirement Analysis and Wireframing
By Admin
November 26, 2020

Requirement Analysis and Wireframing

Requirement analysis and wireframing are two separate concepts which combine in mobile and web app development field to create effective apps.

A wireframe gives the visual understanding of web pages by demonstrating what key elements will exist on the interface. Wireframing is done to get the approval of stakeholder and the project team before the development phase gets underway.

On the other hand, Requirement Analysis defines user expectations for an application being developed or modified.

Top app development companies like NextScrum use these two methodologies to determine the requirements for a new or modified app.

Here are our unique requirement analysis and wireframing approaches to ensure a successful product.

Requirment Analysis at NextScrum:

We Implement Agile Methodology

Unlike most web and mobile app development companies, we don’t take months for requirements analysis. Instead, we implement agile methodology to make sure the whole thing is handled just within a couple of days.

To make this possible, we define boundaries of the system at the beginning, then our team negotiates with other stakeholders, and finally we create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to demonstrate to the client where the product is headed. All of this is done within two weeks max – thanks to our adept team of professionals.

We Group All Your Requirements

After completing the list of your requirements, we group them using divide and conquer approach to form different sets of features. By grouping the requirements, life becomes much easier for us during development phase as it helps us define bounded contexts, microservice architectures, etc.

We Keep Your Potential Customers in The Loop

One of the key aspects of requirement analysis is keeping potential customers in loop and NextScrum does it better than anyone else.

We know that by keeping potentials in loop, your business will have more chances to thrive. So we achieve this by following an iterative approach and shipping an initial version of your app (MVP) and then modifying it according to customer feedback.

Another approach we use for the same goal is developing mockups of applications with dummy UIs. It helps clients understand the product features and give feedback.

We Give Special Care to UX

It goes without saying that User Experience (UX) is the most important factor in the success of a business. A good UX is as important for a brand as oxygen for us to breath. Without an impactful UX, a business can’t thrive.

However, many web development companies do not understand the importance of it. They just think of it as something which is all about fancy layouts.

NextScrum doesn’t do that. We know that a good UX is much more than just fancy looks. It’s about making visitors feel home.

To create such UI/UX, we do a requirement analysis and feasibility analysis of the proposed application, and develop a flawless product by analyzing the flawed UI/UX of your market rivals.

Wire Framing at NextScrum

Wireframing is surely one of the most important steps in the planning of your app development process. Its where the idea begins to transform into a real-world application via buttons and views the clients interact with.

Below, we will help you understand why NextScrum’s wireframing process is considered to be the best out there.

Paper Screens Before Coding

Coding is tempting. We all know that. But in web and mobile application development, strategy means more than temptations.

Several app development service providers make the mistake of jumping straight into the coding because they’re tempted to code. Plus, the initial app idea seemed so simple that they didn’t feel the need for performing a thorough analysis.

Unfortunately, apps are rarely simple. Any experienced developer will know that plenty of unforeseen issues await if they choose to take this route.

Therefore, instead of jumping straight into the coding phase, NextScrum first creates wireframes to identify those issues, making the development process time and cost effective.

We understand that making changes to collection of paper screens is far simpler than changing a thousand-line code.

Wireframing also helps us develop better understanding of the project as putting down entire set of requirements on paper leads to new ideas.

Functionality, Not Beauty

There is a variety of ways in which wireframes are presented using various tools. Essentially, they’re not about the designs but functional parts of the application i.e. the number of text boxes and buttons on a page.

At NextScrum, we strictly focus on creating wireframes that include nothing but the functional parts (buttons, dropdowns, etc). Our wireframes may not seem too pretty to eyes, they include all the necessary elements to give your app the highest functionality.

We Involve Everyone

Though we start with a small team whose purpose is simply to get the idea on paper, it grows bigger as the project requirements evolve. For example, when integrating your app with existing databases, we make sure to involve with us the DB owner so that they can check that the desired data fields exist in their DB before being added to the wireframes. This is because collecting a user’s fax number is of no use if there is nowhere to store it. Similarly, during the design phase, we involve expert designers with a nice comprehension of user experience to spot potential issues and provide solutions.

No Lazy Approach

At NextScrum, we wireframe everything.

We don’t get lazy and say “the login page is simple, let’s not wireframe it”. Instead, we create paper screens of every single aspect to form a document of the entire process, helping you step through each aspect just like the final website.

We ignore nothing and count every step.

So, these are some of our unique Wireframing & Requirement Analysis approaches that make us stand out in the web and mobile app development industry. Precisely, our wireframes are thorough, well analyzed, and help us build flawless apps for you. Do get in touch with us if you want to turn your project idea into reality! We are just a call away!