Frontend | The Hottest Web App Development Job

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Frontend | The Hottest Web App Development Job

The web technology is everywhere: from your mobile phone to your favorite car and home. It has also revolutionized healthcare, commerce, arts, education, and other aspects of life! As a result of massive utilization, the web app development industry has become such an attractive career path for professionals.

With so many companies focusing on growing their online presence, the people who can design and develop web apps are in great luck due to the abundant job opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the web developers in the US are likely to see an increase of 27% in their employment rate from 2014 to 2024, which is higher than the average of any other occupation.

And the same trend follows in other parts of the world as well, as every company is looking for adept frontend professionals.

So, whether you are just starting your professional life or making a career switch, frontend development is the hottest job around with the mean salary of USD 102,282.

Here are the top reasons which make frontend development a lucrative career choice.

High Demand:

Front-end developers are in a great demand! Whether it’s in-house jobs for organizations or freelancing, the demand of front-end developers is just exceptional. In fact, frontend development is among the top 10 jobs which makes it even more charming as a career path.

High Pays:

The pay scale of this line of work is also great. Frontend developers enjoy extraordinarily high incomes compared to other professionals. According to an estimate, a front-end developer with 2-3 years of experience can earn between $80,000–$119,500.

 Massively Flexible:

Being a frontend developer offers a great deal of flexibility. It allows you to work from anywhere: home, school, park, anywhere. All you need to have is a functioning laptop and stable internet connection.

Oh, and good coding skills too.

On top of all that, it allows you to develop skills in multiple areas such as UX/UI, web application development, Image editing, and more.


Frontend development is a perfect career path for creative thinkers. It is all about creativity and if you can bring that to the table, there’ll be unlimited opportunities to grow.

Numerous Career Options:

Another perk of being a frontend developer is the wide array of career options. Online presence has become an integral part of businesses around the world and they are striving hard to offer users a web experience to make them feel home. The result of this is numerous career options at corporations, non-profits and in freelancing.

Exciting to work on:

Most importantly, frontend web development is one of the amazing career paths out there because of its constant evolution and exciting prospects. This means that it’s full of new learning opportunities and prospects of interacting with new tools, helping you flourish your career.

In short, If you are a technology geek, enjoy creating striking designs and are looking to pursue a career with a massive growth potential, frontend development might just do it for you.