Best Time Tracking Tools for Web Development Productivity

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Best Time Tracking Tools for Web Development Productivity

If you own a web development company or take freelance projects, a good time tracking tool is a must for you. Not only does it help you track time, but also makes it simple to assess your work progress and productivity.

Time tracking tools are particularly useful for professionals who like to charge on hourly basis. So that they can exactly calculate the time spent working on a project and prove it to the client as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 of the best time tracking tools for you.

Each of them comes with distinctive features. To find the one that best suits your requirements, you have to assess work flow and the requirements of your customers.

Time Doctor

This tool is great for those working in teams.

The main functionality of TimeDoctor is that it tracks time, captures screenshots and monitors screens of each team member separately.

This tool not only enables you to see the time they spent working on each task, but also gives you the breakdown of tasks they worked on during that time.

TimeDoctor ensures that every one of your team members works efficiently.


If you want to automate your web application development project’s time tracking, Timely is the best tool for you. It has a simple yet beautiful UI with a dashboard that carries all the necessary information.

Some of the things you can do with Timely include:

  • Project health checking
  • Capturing of Billable hours
  • Managing the team’s performance
  • Real time synchronization of data across different phone devices, tablets, operating systems, and browsers.


Top Tracker                           

TopTracker has been particularly designed with freelancers and remote groups in mind. Its dashboard allows you to quickly reach all your data and come up with a way to improve performance.

TopTracker also gives you complete control over the frequency of screenshot capturing.

One of the coolest features of TopTracker is Blurred Screenshots which is a great way to enhance privacy.


Harvest offers two options: tracking hours as you work or manually entering the total time after the work is done.

Using Harvest, you can make a precise record of clients, projects, tasks, and more.

Apart from tasks and other work-related stuff, Harvest lets you track expenses.

Additionally, Harvest is compatible with all major web browsers as well as operating systems such as Android and iOS.


An accurate yet simple tracking tool. The stability of this tool can be determined by the fact that it is used by around 2,000 businesses around the world including Bosch, and the American Cancer Society.

EverHour boasts all the cool features a client could like in a time tracker such as:

  • Task-based estimation
  • Customizable reports
  • Invoice creation
  • Keeping track of your projects’ budget, and more.


So, that’s just about it. These are the top 5-time tracking tools to increase the productivity of your web app development and other types of projects. If you are able to use these tools as they are intended to, you will gain much better results. Good luck!