Best Frameworks for Web Development Services In 2018

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Best Frameworks for Web Development Services In 2018

With the technology evolving at a rapid pace, the requirements to build feature-rich web applications have become considerably complex. Nowadays, business owners expect from their website to offer more than just a simple layout and basic features. They want their websites to be built using latest technologies and offer customers advanced features. Though it’s not easy to build/update websites as per latest technological trends, the task can become a lot simpler if your web development services provider can work in modern frameworks.

The fact that there are numerous web development frameworks available makes it a daunting task to pick the right one for fulfilling your business needs. Also, choosing the capable developer/developers to manage your project can be another tough task for business owners.

To make things easier, we are going to discuss the top web development frameworks to give you a quality product in significantly less time and cost.


Angularjs is an open-source platform with a great likeability in the web development world. It is based on JavaScript which works best for single page web applications using MVC architecture.

Though the previous versions of Angular had created a lot of hype, the latest version Angular 4 tops it all with its latest updates! Hence, this Google product is well worthy of topping our list of best web development frameworks.


Unlike Angularjs, Laravel is more of a backend web development framework. Over the years, it has massively helped web developers in building advanced applications. It is a free, open-source framework powered by PHP for building advanced web applications MVC architecture.

Some of Laravel’s key features include:

  • Access to relational databases in multiple ways
  • Modular packaging system
  • Utilities to assist with application deployment and maintenance

These are some of the key features which make Laravel such an eye-candy of web application development companies around the world.



React is another open-source, JS backed framework for web development. It is utilized by Facebook and a large portion of developers’ community. Moreover, it is used extensively in building UIs for web applications. This framework is also great for building large applications with data that frequently changes over time.


Node.js provides a complete web development environment which makes it more than just a framework. This is why developers love building applications in Node. Moreover, the ability to handle multiple connections simultaneously without losing any performance makes it ideal for creating fast network applications with high scalability. In short, Node.js provides a complete JavaScript environment along with all the tools, making it massively popular in the developers community.


Symfony is quite a stable framework. It is PHP backed and largely used in building complex enterprise applications. It allows developers to build websites that are adaptable to ever-changing business requirements. Symfony works flawlessly with a wide variety of open source platforms, the major ones being PHPBB, Piwik, and Drupal.

The major components of Symfony include:

  • PHP
  • Application Framework
  • Community and a Philosophy

All of these provide an ideal combination to achieve common goals of a project which makes Symfony an exceptional web development framework.