Benefits of Progressive Web App Development For Business

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By Admin
November 26, 2020

Benefits of Progressive Web App Development For Business

Progressive web app development is a new innovation in the tech world. The goal of this technology is to interrelate desktop and mobile applications.

Progressive websites offer improved speed along with an incredibly efficient performance.

Businesses can benefit a lot by implementing this technology. In fact, tech giants like Google and FlipKart have seen a 50-100% increase in conversion rates after switching to PWA.

Here we are going to tell you about the top benefits that your business may gain from this innovation.

Offline Mode

When facing internet connectivity issues, websites tend to become limited in terms of functionality. On the other hand, mobile applications are independent of this issue. They enable visitors to explore the application. Even when there is no internet, thus providing them with a pleasant user experience.

These applications usually work by saving the data the visitors have already accessed such as certain pages of an application.

The PWAs save those pages and make them accessible to the user even without the internet.

The biggest advantage of this approach is that users can continue using the application without having to wait for the connectivity to return.

Discoverable on Google

A great feature of PWAs is their 2 in 1 nature of functionality. They are designed to look like mobile applications, even on desktops, while providing users with a familiar setting to that on smartphones without compromising on the usefulness.

Moreover, unlike mobile applications, PWA’s are indexable by search engines, which makes them easy to discover on Google.

Optimized Performance

Another advantage of PWAs is their improved performance. The efficiency is due to their underlying technology which takes a good care of images, templates, and other content on the site.

All of this becomes possible because of something many refer to as service workers. A feature which works independently from the site, just requiring the raw information and no layout or design data.

While it’s obvious that improved performance enhances the user experience, the conversion rate also increases significantly from optimized performance. As a result, your website gains more worth in less time.

Fast Installation

Another exceptional advantage of opting for progressive web application development is that several browsers automatically prompt users to install PWAs when they are visiting the site.

Unlike mobile apps, PWAs are quick to download and install. The users don’t need to go to Play Store or App Store to download these apps. They can be directly downloaded onto their devices.

This implies that the progressive web applications get their own icon on devices, similar to mobile apps, without having to go through the tedious submission process on Google Play or App Store.

Push Notifications

By using progressive web apps, you can implement various features, one of them being push notifications. The control of this feature is completely in the hands of publishers which helps them come up with effective advertising solutions.

Push notifications are particularly great for e-commerce sites as they add an entirely new channel for the advertising of your brand. Since users directly receive these notifications on cell phones, their open rate is far greater than e-mail marketing or social media status updates, which ultimately makes your business grow at a quick pace.